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Having made its spectacular debut in 2011, Red  Bull’s Revolutions in Sound returned to the London  Eye in 2013 as the grand finale for the Red Bull  Music Academy’s 15th anniversary celebrations.

The challenge presented to innovision was to make  the event bigger and better than ever by creating an  epic celebration of legendary UK Club Culture: past  and present.

The key objective? To create an online festival with  serious viewing figures.



Red Bull Revolutions in Sound from innovision on Vimeo.



We created an incredible stand-out night of music, both on and off the Eye. As those with the Golden Tickets danced through history  in the skies, off-site an audience of more than 1 million viewers tuned  in from around the world to catch the action online.

This was a world first in live streaming; all 30 capsules were  broadcast simultaneously in real-time via 4OD
in the UK as part of  an exclusive partnership with Channel, while concurrent  streams were available on YouTube meaning fans across the globe  could participate in the unique celebration.

The event also generated huge buzz on social media and was up  there as one of the highest press impacts globally for the Red Bull  Music Academy. Red Bull Revolutions in Sound was well and truly  back… and bigger than ever!



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