Core disciplines: Branding / design, Innovation/NPD/Service Design


The Luxury of Sleep


Flipping the Category Mindset

We helped Beautyrest disrupt the bedding category by moving its top-tier mattress brand beyond functional technology to a haven for sacred, restorative slumber.

What was once an easily mimicked, mind-numbing commodity was given a soul, with a look, tone and feel unlike anything on the retail floor.



How We Got There

Our trends research uncovered insights in the high-luxury sector that inspired a sexy new brand position, communication strategy and striking identity system for Beautyrest Black.

We created design, verbal and photo strategies that awakened an eye-opening retail experience that recharged Beautyrest’s partnership with dealers and raised the bar for consumer engagement.

Gone was the overwhelming sea of white rectangles. In its place was a sensual, modern boudoir where the absolute indulgence of deep, rejuvenating sleep awaited.



“With LPK, we took Beautyrest Black to a whole new level, and the momentum is continuing.’’

Rolf Sannes, VP Global Marketing and Licensing and VP Beautyrest Brand Management, Simmons Bedding Company

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