Core disciplines: Experiential marketing, Sponsorship


To create a an aspirational, premium series of brand experience that was closely aligned to the brand's ‘Made of More’ media campaign – driving Guinness sales in the on-trade and extending consideration beyond key occasions.


Guinness Class was an engaging, disruptive activity that challenged drinkers to do something extraordinary. Distinctively dressed Guinness Class Flight Crew entered bars and announced that one winner (per night) and four mates would be whisked off by private jet to Dublin for an incredible night out. The instant prize mechanic meant that every Guinness drinker won something – from a free pint to passport holders.

Over the 2013 campaign 262 brand ambassadors reached 85,710 consumers across 4,936 venues and 23 UK cities.


Nick Britton, Marketing Manager Guinness Western Europe, Diageo said: 

“2013 was our second year of running the campaign and I was delighted with the results and impact! Our analysis showed that the activity not only directly resulted in a sales uplift but it also had lasting appeal, long after the campaign finished. My thanks to TRO and the brand ambassadors for bringing the Guinness brand to life through this unique, perfectly on-brand experiential activity.” 

The campaign has been recognised with a number of awards, as follows:

- Winner for Best Brand Experience at the 2013 Event Awards
- Silver for Best Creative Sampling at the 2013 FMBE Awards
- Silver for Experiential Marketing, at point of purchase at the 2014 IPM Awards
- Merit for Best Brand Experience at The Best Awards 2014

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