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How do Coors Light engage with a sceptical group of 18-34 year olds



Coors Light have a definitive brand proposition – Ice Cold Refreshment, and supporting this, a strong and recognisable ATL campaign. The solution to our challenge lay in exploiting and maximising these unique assets and staying true to the brand story, to avoid being identified as another brand willing to adapt in order to ‘win round the cool kids’.



Introducing the Coors Light Ice Cave Rave… a touring replica of the infamous Ice Cave that Jean Claud Van Damme discovers in Coors Light’s latest ad, during his quest for ultimate refreshment.


From the arctic explorers at the door to the realistic interior, the activity harnessed the complete look and feel of the ATL and made it accessible to consumers up and down the country. Ultimate Refreshment was delivered on all fronts as visitors were transported from the warm(ish) British summertime, to the chilly temperatures inside (just 3 degrees!), real ice touchpoints kept Coors Light pints truly Ice Cold and Mixmag DJ talent kept the atmosphere fresh.  



20k+ ravers (84% social explorer fit*)

11.5m social impressions

Opinion Shifts:

+43% ‘Relevant to me’*

+33% ‘Really refreshing’*

+27% ‘Lager I’d be happy to be seen drinking’*

*EMR data collected 4 weeks post activity 

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