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Living Labs

The Results

As our work continually transforms Philips from a large, global electronics company, into a personally relevant healthcare partner, the Breathless Choir campaign last year, generated a 14% rise in revenue in Q4 over Q3 (a record high) for Philips portable oxygen solutions and increased Philips #1 leadership position in customer satisfaction by an amazing 15% points (Net Promoter Score).

The Challenge

Philips is a Health Technology company that seeks to improve the lives of billions through unexpected innovations. However, for decades many people have thought that they just sell TVs and shavers. In order to invite the brand reappraisal and to get Philips noticed for their commitment to health technology, we realised that we would need to shift our communications from another electronics brand, to your personal healthcare partner. We united all products and master brand campaigns around one core thought and brand purpose: There’s always a way to make life better.

The Solution

The solution: making meaningful differences to individuals around the world All our work demonstrates how Philips’ products make meaningful differences to individuals across the world by connecting to our audience emotionally. We created a series of ‘Living Labs’ to follow the stories of how Philips products have transformed peoples’ health for the better. The three master brand campaigns so far include; Breathless Choir, Elvis, and Everyday Hero.

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