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Look Again at Magnet


Over time Magnet had developed a reputation for only serving affluent customers, and shoppers on a budget assumed they wouldn’t be able to afford a Magnet kitchen. In order to genuinely compete for the first time at the lower priced end of the market, Magnet launched flat pack ‘Simply’ kitchens. Our primary communications objective was to reposition the brand so to deliver increased penetration of a less affluent audience. However, we needed to do this in a measured and understated way in order to maintain the brand desirability. 

The Simple Idea

Within the same campaign, we ran 2 TV adverts with similar but distinct messaging aimed at multiple audiences; the less-affluent potential consumer audience and the core Magnet audience. Our creative idea, ‘Look Again’, invited potential consumers to reconsider Magnet’s affordability by prompting them to look again at the price, but also invited our core audience look again at the built-in beauty of the new premium ranges. We targeted each audience strategically at different stages across multiple channels. 


Magnet saw sales increase across all customer types, with greatest increase to new home owners and career families (Simply audience). In terms of repositioning the brand for less affluent consumers, performance tracking showed that 64% of those who saw the Simply communications were aware now aware that Magnet sold kitchens for less that £3k. 

The Simply range quickly realised £11m of incremental order intake.

In total Magnet saw a 26% increase in sales YOY (9% up on target) and 9% increase in leads YOY (15% up on target).


Press ad

Stills from TV commercial

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