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Waking up the nation to replace their
mattress every 8 years


Over 30,000 people in the UK are sleeping on mattresses that are over 40 years old.

Researchers now believe that this is contributing to the nation’s sleep issues (only 12% of us wake up feeling refreshed!).

The Simple Idea

Our ‘Replace Every 8′ campaign positioned Dreams as the nation’s sleep experts. As part of the campaign, all new Dreams beds are now branded with a ‘delivered-on’ date to remind owners that mattresses can only support us properly for 8 years, any older and we see serious impacts on quality of sleep, as well as other health issues. The 60 second clip tells the story of a couple who go through a long series of changes; getting married, redecorating, having a baby, even changing other bedroom furniture, but their mattress stays the same.

We see the couple’s quality of sleep decreasing throughout the story, as their mattress passes the 8 year mark.

“Dreams has now called for an industry-wide set of guidelines for the lifespan of mattresses and the introduction of a mandatory ‘snooze-by’ date to bring the products in line with many other consumer product” – The Huffington Post

Our Replace Every 8 campaign ran across TV, Radio, Social Media, digital display and in-store.


69% in like-for-like sales Aug-Dec 2015 including 9% increase in average transaction value for mattresses

Highest ever level of perceived expertise in beds

80% increase in those who recognise you need to replace your mattress every 8 years

Internal buzz - creating a motivating and talked about campaign that engaged internal staff


Lorry branding and outdoor poster

Mattress label

B2B mailer that introduced the campaign to mattress suppliers

Promotional mug

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