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Core disciplines: Branded content, Digital


NBCUniversal International came to us with a unique brief; they were creating an all-reality subscription video-on-demand service and they wanted help to differentiate the service and stand out from the crowd.

Stereo developed a brand strategy, brand, name and designed the platform’s UX and created one of the most intuitive and entertaining social sVOD services on the market.



Research showed that the core 15-25 year old female audience thinks of Reality TV as a "guilty pleasure" – but without the guilt. They consider that watching Reality TV is a valuable ‘me time’ activity and that the social buzz about the shows' stars/ celebrities is as important as the shows themselves.



To ensure success, we designed hayu as the most social SVOD service on the market. Users can comment on episodes, share clips and even search using emojis. We also produced a series of outrageous snippets for use as a content stream and social ads.

The name hayu talks directly to the audience, and like the brand identity, is as bold and direct as the shows themselves.



hayu is a true innovation in SVOD and the first all-reality service of its kind. It's about the content - and then so much more; it's a fully integrated entertainment platform featuring news, social feeds and short-form "snippets" that eliminates the old "second-screen" approach to TV viewing. Above all, it's the ultimate destination for anyone who is passionate about reality.



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