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the challenge

How could we build the Logic brand in the UK, which sits in a complex, cluttered and confusing market category? 


the spark

Through our understanding of the vaping category, we recognised the barriers to adoption that the brand was facing with adult vapers.
From different devise brands, open or closed tanks, to a whole world of flavours and technologies, navigation isn’t quick and it isn’t down to straight sampling.

Plus, the brand was only recently launched in the UK, awareness was low and we needed to find a different solution to the challenge

We needed to establish dwell time and give consumers a chance to understand the brand and its offering in a relaxed, unrushed setting. Festivals presented the perfect opportunity. 




the connection

We developed a café style vape lounge, complete with barista to encourage dwell time, create conversation and build understanding.

The Logic proposition is based on making things simpler, so we also provided free wifiand device charging, regardless of their existing brand, incorporating Logic device hire during charging, in order to further engage and extend the length of stay.

This year, the Logic vape lounge has visited Wireless, Lovebox, Citadel, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown and Reading.


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