Core disciplines: Brand strategy, Branding / design



Innovation, Market sizing, Brand invention, Product development, 

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & UX/UI Design.


Having enjoyed unprecedented success as a trusted providerof foreign exchange, Travelex and other established players have come under increased pressure from the digital disrupterslike Transferwise. With superior market coverage and banking license already secured, Travelex came to BBH  Zag to explore, develop and help launch a new mobile proposition in the marketplace.



Using our Kickstart™ innovation process we took theteam through a rapid-fire immersion into the market, customer and future trends, a 2 day intensiveco-creation workshop to arrive at and develop the goto market value proposition. Following live performance testing and commercial business scoping, Zag led the development of the full brand ID including name, app look and feel and co developed the digital build with BBH Stockholm.




— From concept to working prototype in 4 weeks
— Secured investment for launch
— App Launch Q1 2017


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