Core disciplines: Brand strategy, Branding / design


Customer Research, Customer Segmentation,

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Design & Art Direction, Illustration,

Website Design, Internal Roll Out & Implementation, Advertising



Aldermore launched as a challenger bank just after the
recession, filling the gap left by the major banks no longer
lending to SME’s. Having quickly evolved and grown its
offering, Aldermore successfully secured its IPO in 2015
but had lost its sense of purpose and had become
disconnected from its ever growing customer base.



Following a long and deepcustomer research programme
we identified a customer heartland built around an enterprising,
go-getting mentality. In an attempt to leverage Aldermore's
own entrepreneurial go-getting growth story, we built a big
idea around 'Banking for the Bold' which led to the development 
of a striking, straight talkig brand identity that set out to show
Aldermore were differet to the banks on the hight street.




Mortgages new VI pilot drove an additional 26% in
CTR compared to old brand 


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