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Making Christmas more rewarding for small businesses


“I couldn’t be happier with what True do for me. To have produced a campaign of this quality exceeded expectations and is an incredible way to end the year!”

Candice Nolan,
Head of Propositions and Campaigns, npower

Their challenge:
Business customers who are part of npower’s Business Rewards scheme are more likely to be loyal and engaged. But efforts to sign up businesses with npower contracts that predated Business Rewards had limited success. We had a small budget and limited means to drive more sign ups.

Strategic Direction:
With minimum wages rising and auto-enrolment pensions escalating, small businesses have less money to pay for staff benefits. In the run up to Christmas, that puts stress on morale, parties are sacrificed and staff happiness can suffer. Business Rewards can help overcome this.

Creative Solution:

We decided to target the gatekeepers in small businesses. Not the bosses, but the go-to people who keep everything running smoothly. They’re unsung heroes to their colleagues.

Our idea celebrates those unsung heroes in a narrative that thanks them with the promise of wonderful rewards. It tells the story of Bob, Santa’s right hand man and the unsung hero of Christmas in a short animated video with supporting landing page, ads and email.

Customer data helped us reach our targets via email and ads on Facebook.  Benefit-led creative drives them to watch the video and sign up for Business Rewards directly on the platform.

Business Impact:

We halved the cost per sign-up compared with the previous in house campaign and exceeded npower business’ annual target by 20%.

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