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“We love working with True on My Dad’s Pub. High levels of participation show that Fuller’s customers love the competition as much as we do and we can’t wait to kick off the campaign again in 2018.”

Nick Corden,
Head of Retail Marketing

Their challenge:

Mother’s Day works well for Fuller’s - it’s their biggest sales day outside Christmas. But despite Fuller’s brewing all your Dad’s favourite ales, Father’s Day has never taken off in the same way. Our brief was to change that with a campaign to create demand across the estate and promote the Fuller’s food offer. Our objectives were to get people interacting with us, and drive pub sales on Father’s Day itself.

Strategic Direction:

People spend 3 times more on Mother’s Day gifts than on Father’s Day – people find it hard to express their feelings for their Dad  - and sometimes socks just don’t do it. 

Creative Solution

We invented My Dad’s Pub – a campaign that invites people make a simple gesture of admiration and respect for their Dads on Father’s Day. Just by uploading a picture, you can dedicate a pub, including the iconic pub sign outside, to your Dad.

Taking part also gives you the chance to win a Father’s Day experience money can’t buy: your Dad’s local, re-named in his honour, plus a voucher for 2 pints (one for you, one for your Dad) and a prompt to book a Fuller’s pub table for Father’s Day.

We spread the word via Facebook targeting of spouses/partners, children, Fuller’s database lookalikes and website visitors – all geo-targeted to the Fuller’s heartland and around pubs

Business Impact:

The campaign increased table bookings by 20%, exceeding our campaign target by nearly 150%. This not only delivered significant returns back to the business, it also effected the biggest shift in brand-related searches Fuller’s has ever seen.

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