Rosie Lee

Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand Activation, Branding / design, Innovation/NPD/Service Design

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A3 Retail Group
Stride Multi-Brand Running Store

A new specialist running concept store for Moscow.

A3 Retail Group appointed Rosie Lee to create a new multi-brand specialist running concept store in Moscow. Our idea was to create an engaging pinnacle destination for runners of all abilities building a brand that embodied expert design and connectivity to the local running community.



We conceived a brand name that symbolises an easy transition into running, and communicates a confident attitude to life. The logo is based on shapes taken from the negative space of the running gait, evoking a sense of movement even when static.



Movement is a continuing theme and visually flows through every aspect of the visual identity and store design. The permanent ‘motion wave’ installation uses layers of wooden panels creating an illusion of movement, leading the customers through the store.



We considered the importance of consumers propagating Stride’s message by making highly shareable visual moments a permanent feature - the multi-faceted concrete brand wall and the social space outside are both perfect for post run selfies.



The logo is reimagined in different angles creating a running motion pattern that is used for brand merchandise and staff apparel.


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