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A3 Retail Group

DRoP! Multi-Brand Sneaker Store

A new level of Sneaker Culture.

Continuing our work with A3 Retail Group we have created DRoP!, a new speciality multi-brand sneaker store. Intended to become an important community hub for sneaker enthusiasts, we have designed a sophisticated sportswear retail brand and store interior, rooted in sneaker and urban culture.



The name and logo are inspired by dual meanings, both the historic delivery of inventory by airdrop to inaccessible areas, and sneaker drop dates - essential to any sneaker collector coveting the latest releases.



Photographic compositions are arranged in reverse to tradition, highlighting that the first consideration to an outfit is the sneakers.



We synthesized elements of the urban environment from Moscow and cities across the globe, recontextualising them to work in a retail environment. An intricate tiled floor was inspired by the patternation of sneaker sole treads and furniture was inspired by the Moscow Metro.



Every design element is highly considered with the core customer and brand expression in mind. The colour palette is inspired by prevailing trends in sneaker culture that have rooted themselves as mainstays.



Our exclusive staff uniform designs feature a branded overshirt allowing staff’s personal style to show through while clearly denoting them as staff. Canvas tote bags, parachute logo stickers and branded wrapping paper complete the retail experience.



The unveiling of the store and the launch party was a huge success with our creative director Mark Fleming leading a talk on creativity and sneaker culture. Top sneaker culture blogs were filled with positive reviews on Moscow's hottest new concept sneaker store.


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