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Brand relaunch

The brief

Well Pharmacy wanted to launch their new brand in style following an acquisition from Co-Operative Group. It was important for them to put staff at ease and get them fully engaged in the new brand and new direction for the business.

Our solution

In February 2015 the Well Pharmacy brand was launched following the acquisition of over 770 Co-operative Pharmacy branches the previous summer by Bestway Group. With 7,000 employees affected by the changes it was vital to create an event that took them on the journey to get behind the business and its new owners.

So we created the ‘Our pharmacy - Our future’ conference to launch the new Well brand to store branch managers and head office staff. This huge event was over-subscribed by staff anxious to find out what the future held, and with over 1,500 attendees we even had to stream proceedings into a second auditorium because the main room wasn’t big enough for everyone that signed up and came along.

They needed have been worried. From the spectacular reveal of the new brand on stage (the first time the name and branding had been communicated to staff) to a variety of interactive elements designed to enable participation, the entire event was built to make every attendee feel engaged and reassured.

An event of this scale requires meticulous planning and execution and Blueprint managed every aspect, including guest management, logistics and production to deliver a live brand experience on stage and throughout the venue.

Because staff engagement was so important to Well, we used several interactive innovations to achieve this. There were two gameshows on stage as well as the use of real-time audience voting to capture the views and thoughts of store managers and staff on a variety of important business decisions.

One key area of concern for staff that we had identified during the weeks of planning the event was the uniform. The existing outfits were uniformly disliked, so we introduced a fashion show using actual store members to show off a range of different options and through our interactive live voting system they were able to choose their new uniform on the day.

Launching a new brand and business to its staff is a unique operation and there is only one opportunity to get it right. By leaving every aspect of the planning, creation and delivery of their event to one agency operating as one team, Well Pharmacy were able to make that opportunity count.


“I think the great thing about Blueprint is that you feel like you’re dealing with a single set of people who have got a common goal, and actually the logistics and the production all feels like it’s being joined up for you, which as a client is exactly what you want”

Tim Davies, Chief Operating Officer, Well Pharmacy



1,500 happy and reassured store managers and staff



600 hotel room nights 15 coaches and flights for attendees  




14 VTs produced and live gameshows presented on the day


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