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Indie Summit

The brief

Network One wanted to create an event that allowed creative agencies from all over the world to meet, learn and take inspiration from like minded people.

Our solution

Network One is an international agency network, bringing together independent creative agencies from all around the world. They provide a platform for collaboration, enabling agencies to find the right resource, support and inspiration wherever and whenever they need it.

Blueprint is a part of Network One, so being familiar with our work and reputation they asked us to help them put together their first ever global networking event, the Indie Summit at the Royal College of Physicians in London.

Being the first event it needed an identity, so our in-house design team created a look and feel for use with this and future Indie Summit events. We also undertook the usual guest management, production and logistics support associated with a large event. And a large event it was with speeches, presentations and breakout sessions spread out over two days for 250 delegates attending from all around the world.

There were 53 speakers over the two days, including an ex-FBI agent, presenting to a truly global audience with guests from Australia, China and the United States. Dinner was taken at a variety of restaurants around London.

With so much going on, not only was it important that everything ran like clockwork, but also that different cultural needs and sensitivities were taken into account and balanced.

Blueprint also looked after content creation at the event for use on the Network One content hub. Much of this was turned around in the same day for use on social media while the event was going on, but there was also a need for content that can be used throughout the year and in particular in the lead up to the 2017 event.

After the success of the inaugral event, Blueprint will once again be hosting and managing the event in 2017.


"I want to say an enormous thank you to the Blueprint team who have just made everything run fantastically, smoothly, been helpful, been cheerful. I couldn’t imagine a better agency, I really could not imagine an event like this, it was awesomely wonderful.”

Julian Boulding, President, Network One



250 delegates from 45 countries


     53 speakers



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