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We exist to make it matter. At HP, our purpose is to advance the way we all live and work. Meg Whitman, CEO HP
In 2011, HP’s new CMO came on board to find that thousands of marketing agencies were telling thousands of different stories about HP. After three CEO changes in as many years, the public was confused about who HP was and why they were in business. Employee morale was low.

HP needed to forge a new identity rooted in who they were, what they did and why it mattered. And it needed to be powerful enough to convey a single, positive HP experience, internally and externally.

Through an intense process of research, internal and external audits and conversations with stakeholders worldwide, we distilled the core ethos of HP into a single, fundamentally human story: “HP makes technology work for you, to advance the way we live and work.”

That simple shift of focus from the technology they make to the people who use it turned HP into a different company. This new story celebrates their evolution from two guys in a garage to a major international enterprise that moves mountains to make their clients happy—and that continues to evolve today.

And it’s transformed the experience of HP from a fractured technology company to a global partner whose vision, spirit and sense of connection helps everyone move forward.

In keeping with this people-focused identity, we created a verbal and visual identity that’s simple, bright and personal. We stripped away all marks except for an updated HP logo. A clean blue and white palette and a proprietary new font that’s open and accessible work with the simplified system to eliminate the noise of impersonal techno-jargon and invite collaboration and creativity.

What this whole programme was about was finding one single universal story, an HP story.

A story that captured the voice of HP that’s personal, that’s bright, that’s courageous, that captures its promise – making technology work for people.

Howard Belk, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer Siegel+Gale
We built the HP Experience Center, an intranet hub showcasing simple tools and easy to use assets, so that HP’s 300,000 employees could easily access the tools and training they needed to tell HP’s one story.

Then we introduced the story to the world with an HP house at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition, we created a completely branded experience at Discover in Las Vegas—turning HP’s identity from thousands of disconnected stories to a single story told in thousands of ways.

As well as continuing our work with HP, Siegel+Gale worked to successfully spin off and launch HP Enterprise to the market.

Today, we continue to work with both companies to manage their brands.