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Domino's Greatness

Transforming Domino's to deliver a
93% profit increase

Domino's is the UK's No.1 pizza brand

Share price has DOUBLED since working with iris

Positive sentiment has increased from 57% to 81%

Our 360 brand proposition ‘Greatness’ has embedded the brand into the lives of millennials and helped deliver 13 consecutive quarters of double digit sales growth. 

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The Challenge

In 2012 Domino’s faced a decline in brand differentiation, greater competition and an increasingly promiscuous customer.

Our customers were telling us that life was too stressful and money too tight for takeaway food to deliver a disappointment. However when we get it right, Domino’s makes a mealtime more sociable, satisfying and special.

This gave us the starting point for defining a passionate purpose that could galvanise Domino’s communications. We articulated this as “Saving the World from mediocre meals by creating more feel good moments”.

Our Approach

We went on to create a single proposition and organising idea that encapsulates everything Domino’s stands for – ‘Greatness’ was born.

With polished new brand guidelines, ‘Greatness’ was activated across TV, digital, social, OOH, press, CRM, DM and POS in Domino’s 900 UK stores, all showcasing the brand’s distinctive new character and confidence. 

Analysis of consumer data has enabled us to build a complete picture of our customers – families and millennials. This has enabled us to spot opportunities for additional engagement, participate in occasions and add value beyond the order-doorbell-eat process.

We’ve created a whole host of new experience propositions – all small slices of ‘Greatness’. Families watching The Voice can order in-app on a Saturday night, mums can call on the ‘Midweek Rescue’ service, gamers can order through X-Box Live and fussy teens can create their own with Pizza Legends.

Our holistic data visualisation product, ‘Instant View’, monitors all Domino’s digital channels, analysing performance in real-time. Aligning this with customer behaviour data, we’re continually optimising Domino’s content, sales funnel and ROI. 



Domino’s is the UK’s no.1 pizza brand 

Share price has doubled since working with iris 

Brand preference increased by 13.5%

Positive sentiment has increased from 57% to 81% 

Pizza Legends has delivered £5M additional revenue, with each customer spending an average of 38% more. And it has brought 20% of lapsed customers back into the brand 


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