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Delivering a service that is so valuable your customers won't leave

In just 7 months since launch we have 14% of Samsung smartphone customers in the UK enrolled in the programme

By the end of the year we will have delivered £3.2m profit and a market share increase of 0.25%

MINI, Now TV & EE have seen open rates as high as 14% (benchmark 7%) & click through rates from open of up to 57% (benchmark of 22%)

A partnership programme packed full of 'content that keeps you content'

The Challenge

The mobile market has never been so competitive. With complete smartphone saturation, innovation unable to keep pace with consumer expectations and consolidation amongst telco operators and retailers, the battle for market share is fierce.

We know to win our focus has to be on: retaining and upgrading existing customers; switching customers from Apple and ensuring we are the most recommended brand by call centre and retail staff.

Consumer research tells us that Samsung customers are very positive about their choice of handset, even those with lower end models. However, they tend to cite rational benefits rather than emotional ones, which reflects their view of the brand. These customers don’t feel like they have a strong dialogue with Samsung but there’s a desire for a closer, more personal relationship. This is in contrast to Apple customers who have a deeper connection with the brand and therefore stronger brand loyalty. 

Our Approach

This is where the myGalaxy app, a free pre-installed app on most Samsung smartphones and tablets, comes in. Exclusive to Samsung customers, myGalaxy is the best way to experience all the benefits of being with Samsung. It’s where you’ll find everything from tailored offers, money-can’t-buy experiences and super-useful tips and hints for your Samsung device.

There are three tiers to the retention programme whose bedrock is ‘content that keeps you content’.

1. Inspire and delight through customer support, product orientation advice and tailored welcome content

2. Surprise and excite through partnerships that deliver exclusive content, discounts and rewards

3. Motivate to grow customer value through bespoke upgrade deals and exclusive bundle offers 

The key to running a successful long-term partnership programme is treating it like a marriage. The partnership needs to be mutually beneficial and nurtured on a regular basis. The communication of the benefits to be gained from partnering with myGalaxy is the key to successfully recruiting partners.

We create a bespoke benefit package for all brand partners. Access to Samsung’s customer base can be tailored by demographics, engagement levels, product ownership, interests, or journey stage. Bespoke monthly reports are shared covering engagement and performance metrics with partner offers and content. In collaboration with partners we can even go as far as to calculate offer uptake and net value to their business. Proving the ROI of the relationship keeps our partners as loyal as our handset customers!

myGalaxy is proving a valuable retention tool for Samsung. It is cultivating a direct and more personal relationship with Samsung customers, throughout the ownership journey, through a programme that makes them feel valued, rewarded and proud to be with Samsung. myGalaxy is our way of saying thank you.



In just 7 months since launch we have 14% of Samsung smartphone customers in the UK enrolled in the programme

By the end of the year we will have delivered £3.2m profit and a market share increase of 0.25%

We are proving the value of the partnership strategy in terms of Samsung customer engagement and the ROI this delivers back to each partner. MINI, Now TV and EE have seen open rates on their content as high as 14% against a benchmark of 7% and click through rates from open of between up to 57% against the benchmark of 22%. For MINI it has been their most successful partnership eve in terms of lead generation


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