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Driving Loyalty across a diverse global customer base

We were approached by IHG with a strategic brief to reinvigorate a European Booker loyalty proposition. We looked at the offering, the customer need, the competitor landscape and the core business challenge and concluded that the brief required a re-think to accommodate the fundamental customer need for a richer, more consistent loyalty offering.

Reward both business & personal

The customers are typically bookers and event planners who are independent or work for a SME or large corporate and historically were seen purely as B2B targets who book across different products and regions. This insight led us to look at their buying journey, how they used the loyalty program and how valuable they perceived it to be. Our recommendation was to recognise and reward customers for all of their spend, across business booking and personal travel and in all regions.

Having obtained approval to explore the wider scope we looked at the USA, China and South America and built a business case to build a new customer proposition and consolidate into a single platform. We worked with IHG to develop a new loyalty offering that offered a seamless, easy to understand way of earning and redeeming points for relevant tangible rewards. 

We created a CAPEX paper that captured the current and future development and run costs from across the network to create the case for change which recognised:

1. The customer value proposition improvement

2. The technology and operational efficiency impact

3. The incremental business benefit produced from changes in customer behaviour

We provided ongoing support throughout the delivery process from proposition design, stakeholder engagement, business requirements gathering to ‘go-to-market’ strategy, campaign planning, customer migration from legacy programs and launch strategy.

Since the launch in April 2015 we have continued to work with the loyalty team to develop a mid-term strategic roadmap, supported on the annual forecasting, competitor landscape review and the ongoing development.

Since launch the global revenue targets have been hit and for 2017 are expected to be exceeded – with over £1billion of revenue realised so far through the programme. 


“We see iris as open and honest parnters who are not afraid to ask the difficult questions” Karren Forrest – Director IHG 

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