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Wickes Kitchens

A personalised journey to help plan and buy a new kitchen


27% increase in ROI

10% growth in sales YOY

Doubled kitchen sales in 3 years without increasing store presence

Transforming Wickes from a trade-focused supplier of building materials to an accessible, family friendly home improvement retailer

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The Challenge

Wickes’ competition was growing and sales were falling. Significant investment in a nationwide store refresh came with ambitious growth targets – 67% from new audience groups. Wickes needed to transform its brand to attract these new

Home improvements are serious

A new era of DIY had emerged. The recession and housing bubble had contributed to heighten the importance of the home. While B&Q and Homebase had defined an era of fun, frivolous ‘hobby DIY’, we positioned Wickes as the brand committed to changing people’s lives in an era of ‘serious home improvement’. 

A new passionate purpose, Let’s Do It Right

We created ‘Let’s Do It Right’ as a rallying cry to all those who care enough to want to get home improvement right, regardless of their level of expertise; by getting quality materials, help and advice at the right price. It’s the outcome that counts – Let’s Do It Right. Let’s Do It Right has been the heartbeat to the brand’s integrated communications over the last two years, living across all channels from TV advertising to staff uniform.

Brand building and sales driving

Our in-depth consumer nurture programme is central to Wickes’ success in converting prospects to customers. Through TV, press, in-store and digital comms we’ve shown how a Wickes Kitchen can transform your home. For Wickes Kitchens, we’re using a customer journey planning model that we call, ‘Helping People Buy’. This model helps us to remove all the barriers to purchase that stop people choosing Wickes for their Kitchen project.

We’ve gone on to create a 17 stage CRM journey that helps people to navigate the stressful and expensive process of planning a new kitchen. Our email programme helps people through every stage of the journey to ensure they don’t drop out along the way. Refreshed email templates featuring dynamic content with personalized guidance and advice for each segment have received open rates of 60% - well above the industry average.

Holistic insight into cross channel performance

Our dedicated data analytics team evaluates every aspect of Wickes’ marketing activity. We track customer activity across the journey, reporting on lead progress and conversions. This real-time understanding of customer data and marketing performance enables us to respond and optimise quickly, continuously improving the reach of our nurture marketing.



27% Increase in ROI

10% Growth in sales YOY

Doubled kitchen sales in 3 years without increasing store presence

300% Increase in kitchen leads

10% Increase in conversion rate through the nurture journey

Wickes is now the No.1 kitchen retailer in the U.K


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