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Trojan Condoms were on a mission to take on big boy Durex in the UK. No other competitor had succeeded before and those who dared to make a move did so at their peril.



Awesome challenge. It got better. We didn’t have money to swamp the TV screens, we didn’t have money to own the high street and we didn’t have money to splash ourselves all over print titles.

This was perfect.

We needed to make an impact with a budget of just £50K so we decided to produce digital content that was capable of upsetting the status quo; something provocative and memorable enough that it would mark the Trojan name indelibly in the consumer consciousness.

From this five-figure budget and with no supporting media we created The Trojan Games - a series of films so original and inherently shareable that it‘s now widely acknowledged as the most talked about and memorable commercial viral of all time.



Supported with the Trojan Games website, viewers could discover our athletes back story, their winning stats, training programmes and live leaderboards. We actively encouraged people to “Fill in a friend” about the site and brought them through to our Trojan Condoms product page for a free sample.

To date, hundreds of millions of views of The Trojan Games viral have been tracked globally and many still believe the event was absolutely real. 

The campaign was awarded a CANNES GOLD Cyber Lion.


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