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Core disciplines: Brand strategy, Branding / design


Instant barista.

When Starbucks launched an instant ‘micro-ground’ coffee, they created a new category. Nescafé needed to respond quickly.

Our task was to create a premium brand that would attract young adults. Neuroscience tells us that people are swayed by unconscious associations. So we designed a system of visual codes that people associate with barista coffee. For example, commercial coffee machines are often chrome with enamel branding, so we brought that look into the design. We also created a name that sounded Latin American and a colour palette of browns and oranges to suggest rich coffee flavour. We were involved in every stage of the launch, from developing the strategy to brand design and key visuals for advertising. Despite being last to market, Azera owned 49% of the microground coffee market within 2 months. The brand now has 7% household penetration.


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