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A united vision

Through a combination of organic investments and acquisitions - 23 hospitals with c. 400 staff, Optegra had become one of the largest groups of private dedicated opthalmic hospitals in the world, with operations across a number of European countries and China. 

With a vision to create the world’s most renowned and trusted eye hospital group,  Coley Porter Bell was tasked with developing a differentiated brand positioning, brand architecture, a b2b and b2c strategy and visual identity, as well as helping to manage the re-brand for the acquired businesses that were not branded Optegra.

Distinction in a 'sea of sameness'

We worked closely with each of the markets to understand the local context and consumer insights, from the opportunity size, to competitor and Optegra brands’ positionings. All of which culminated in a Visual Planning workshop attended by all key stakeholders and partner agencies where the brand purpose was honed to ‘Liberating perfect vision’.

Through our auditing process we had identified a ‘sea of sameness’ in ophthalmic care visual language. Differentiation was key. 

The creative idea was built on an emotional benefit as a result of surgery: ‘Life’s glorious details’ – the joy of seeing shapes, colours and details, from your point of view and your experiences. Combined with ownable ‘first person’ photography, the kaleidoscopic graphic device and distinctive colour palette allowed us to flex the identity across audiences and markets.

We created a complete visual identity system in 2D and 3D form which is currently being rolled out across multiple geographies, environments and digital and physical touch points.

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