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Unilever Comfort

We have worked with the Comfort brand for over 12 years.

Working closely with the brand team we’ve helped define the brand’s strategy, brand and pack architecture, key brand equities and continue to develop its global and regional pack designs. 

As Comfort’s Brand Partner we have guided its progress for some time. We helped devise a new brand positioning that enabled Comfort to break out of the laundry and into family care; we designed the core logo, packaging and its entire portfolio strategy, including innovation.

Our designs for the core range have helped Comfort to cross borders into completely new territories. Our work extends across Unilever’s four key regions: Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/Africa.  This includes countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, UK, Switzerland and Portugal.

As Brand Guardians of Comfort, we continue to help drive its growth and success. From concept to delivery, we guide the Comfort portfolio to improved margins and a place on supermarket shelves and in family homes around the world.

We also work on sister brands, Persil and Snuggle.


Global Brand Design


Local Design Adaption 

Over the years we have worked with several local markets from China to Brazil to South Africa to Saudi Arabia, adapting the global brand to meet specific local needs, whether cultural, competitive or historical, or indeed  different stages of development in terms of washing processes (hand or machine) and adoption of concentrated formats.


China Dilutes and Concentrates

This also went as far as creating specialist products to meet local market needs – Comfort One Rinse is a product designed to work in handwash markets where water is often a precious commodity . Held up by Unilever CEO Paul Polman as a great example of Unilever’s sustainable living plan our design immediately communicates the 1 rinse proposition whilst staying true to the brand’s ‘feeling good in your clothes’ equity.


Portfolio Architecture 

As the brand developed we worked with the Unilever team to launch Supersensorials developing the design cues to communicate a highly fragranced product. As the portfolio has grown so we ensured that the brand was unified, creating clear guidelines to ensure consistent branding at shelf.


Limited Editions 

From the charming Limited Edition we created for Comfort Pure, for the birth of a Royal Baby, to these recent evocative seasonal packs,  Limited Editions have given us the opportunity to premiumise and inject some excitement into the portfolio, keeping it fresh for existing users and attracting new users in.


Comfort continues to grow 

The brand continues to grow and innovate. Our most recent work for Comfort is Comfort Intense Fragrance Boost designed to meet the consumer’s increasing desire for highly fragranced fabric conditioners.  This targets the growing number of women looking for an intense fragrance experience, and our design dramatises the long lasting fragrance that the product creates.

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