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BRANDing & Campaign

After the success of our award-winning campaign working with UPP to promote safety in the workplace, we were thrilled to launch the follow-up: a year-long campaign promoting employee health. As UPP employ over 800 people around the UK, the second year of the wellbeing campaign focuses on their health, be that physical, mental or workplace-related.

The Challenge

UPP asked us to find an engaging and lighthearted way to encourage their employees to take the first steps towards improving their mental, physical and workplace health.

Our solution

We used juxtaposed scenarios to highlight that the change that UPP are encouraging is – in contrast to the surreal, parallel scene – modest and achievable.

Working with illustrator Son of Alan, we created a playful look-and-feel based on retro instructional graphics. The use of How-To Guide styling highlights that we are not asking anything that is impossible – and that the simplest things can make a big difference. We are acknowledging that things can feel overwhelming, and that demonstrating that it’s just about taking things one step at a time.

The Results

The overall look and feel of the campaign was a departure from UPP’s corporate branding - a decision we made to highlight how different the new approach was to what had come before. The bright colours, hand drawn illustrations and playful tone made it strikingly obvious that the company was taking a bold new direction with its approach to wellbeing.

The new branding was launched with health and safety events across the country with an overwhelmingly positive reaction from all staff.


Agreed or strongly agreed that UPP cares about their wellbeing


6S projects undertaken around the workplace


People trained in basic mental health awareness

I have been highly impressed by the creativity, passion and ‘can do’ attitude of the entire Hatched team.

Mike EADY,
UPP Group Health Safety
& Environment Director

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