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A new department within TFL and the London Underground responsible for facilitating any development above and below ground, as well as commercial opportunities came to us with a strong need for a brand identity. Initially titled (easily forgettable) ‘D3PP’, the team did not have an identity or even a name that they were comfortable with.

The Challenge

We were briefed to help them bring meaning to the team and create an identity that external consumers and investors could relate to.
For a team that deals with such important developments across London, no-one knew who they were, both internally and externally.

Our Solution

We developed a strong, relevant name, Asset Development, which positioned the brand
and built a foundation that all communications could be built from. We then moved that into brand guidelines, both in terms of design
look-and-feel, and attitude. For the visual identity, we wanted to harness the famous Pick, Johnston and Beck London Underground design elements to make Asset Development stand out, both internally and externally. By using station and tube line graphics as development indicators, the logo itself became a signifying device giving each project an individual personality.

The results

The most vital thing was getting the brand foundation correct. By having a strong positioning and mantra the brand now had a jumping off point with everyone within the company pulling in the same direction, for the same purpose, and ‘consistently adding value’. With this in place it granted the brand the confidence to allow for definitive growth in the future of London Underground, TFL and beyond.

Hatched delivered an amazing campaign that increased engagement by a huge amount


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