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iProperty are the world’s first online free-to-list property seller and letting service. Ready to break into the market iProperty approached us with a need to create an exciting new identity, strong brand strategy and new name.


iProperty, a company planning to reshape the marketplace by putting the consumer in control, approached us with a requirement to relaunch with a new forward facing brand. It needed to showcase them as the world’s only free-to-list online property selling and letting service.

The brief was to come up a with clear positioning, new name, values and an exciting identity that underpins the brand’s purpose, community and future aspirations.

Our Solution

The name ‘Proppio’ was adapted from ‘Propio’, Spanish for ‘own’ – a focus word that reflects the empowerment that people gain through self-managing the process of selling a property. ‘Prop’ is a natural abbreviation for ‘property’ as well as being indicative of the ‘props’ you need when selling or buying.

To create a name that was purely bespoke, we added an extra ‘p’ to represent the core vision – bringing people and property together. In keeping it simple, short, snappy and easy to pronounce, we created a memorable and playfully unique word to identity the brand in a highly competitive marketplace.

The Results

The new logo uses a continuous line to form a home, and at the centre of the symbol a nod to both the letter ‘P’ for Proppio and a ‘For Sale’ sign. The single key-line links the functions of Proppio and represents the movement through the buying and selling journey. The logo mark is complemented by a bespoke logotype with a digital and contemporary feel.

Proppio’s new bright, contemporary brand identity expresses empowerment and a bold new approach to the property industry, establishing and differentiating the company in the marketplace.

"We wanted Hatched to be completely free, creatively, to come up with a name and brand identity that they felt represented what we were aiming to achieve as a company. I am thrilled that we took the approach that we did. Not only did the agency come up with a short snappy brand name where the domain names were freely available, but they also managed to come up with a name that translates exceptionally well for Spanish speaking countries as, phonetically, Proppio sounds like the Spanish word 'propio' meaning 'Own'"

John Candia,
CEO – Proppio

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