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Star Alliance is the world’s largest airline alliance. Its purpose is to create incremental loyalty behaviour by extending frequent flyer benefits, such as earning and redeeming air miles, loyalty status benefits, and lounge access across all 28 members and 190 countries.

Although Star Alliance was the original alliance, it was quickly followed by One World and SkyTeam who not only borrowed its concept, but also its whole marketing approach. To make things even trickier, the airlines themselves hold the relationships with our primary consumers: multi-national, extremely demanding and busy professionals.

The constant challenge is to make people care and value Star Alliance as a premium brand without fighting against it’s member airline communications – all that in a market with little differentiation and with a high value audience who live in a world of luxury brands and
premium advertising.


Star Alliance have an intrinsic advantage against their competitors. They embody connectivity and celebrate travel across a diverse group of airlines who connect passengers with destinations all over the world, with extraordinary benefits. This positioning gave us an opportunity to catapult the brand into a different relationship with travelers and their airlines and launch our creative platform: ‘The Way the
Earth Connects’.

Working across a number of disciplines, from digital to OOH, mobile to in-flight entertainment, we have built a content platform that allows Star Alliance to exhibit its host of benefits to their high value international travellers. Communications needed to not only coincide with their member airline advertising, but often compete in the competitive high-end environment of airports, first class lounges and
Duty Free.


From launching Heathrow Terminal 2 to creating product and airline specific campaigns across over 2,000 individual communications in 17 languages. “The Way” creative platform has successfully allowed the brand to create a dialogue and generate social kudos through participative and shareable ideas that give recognition to opinionated business travelling executives.

Since 2014 Star Alliance content has been viewed over 300 million times and in 2016 Star Alliance was awarded for best content by UK Travel Marketing awards.

We are proud of these highlights, but not as much as the commercial impact of our strategy. Star Alliance uses brand advocacy measures as KPIs, which have been proven to correlate with airline loyalty. In the last 2 years alone we have seen key measures of brand familiarity, intention to fly, and recommendation levels increase to over 80%, an increase of over 25% over the
time period.

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