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Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Branding / design

Monsoon Children

From the moment the first Monsoon boutique opened back in 1973, they always championed creativity and craft, informed by a passion for exploration and tempered by genuine concern for the world around them. They make the exotic accessible. And they prove that ethical trading makes good business sense too.

Campaign Concept

Our job was to create an overarching campaign idea that would run across all consumer touchpoints and to art direct and produce all the seasonal campaign Imagery. These campaign assets would showcase product stories and seasonal messaging, running across all channels including Instore, Windows, Online, DM, Advertising and marketing.

Art Direction - August

Through the use of simple yet beautiful photography and a strong campaign message ‘Play Gorgeous’ Monsoon Children’s wear is taken into a photography style that was location based, with the freedom that encouraged movement and spontaneity. Celebrating the detail and craft of the product while being captured in natural environments, showing moments of play, relaxing and friendship. With each story reflecting the elements that make up the brand and the unique designs of the children’s collection.

Art Direction - September

Art Direction - October


Art Direction - November

Still Life - Christmas

Storm Art Direction




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