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Inmarsat Aviation

Connected Air


600 decision-makers have so far visited Connected Air, each watching several videos and often returning to watch them again. Connected Air is credited with influencing and accelerating several sales, each worth tens of millions of dollars.


Inmarsat Aviation were launching their inflight Wi-Fi product, GX Aviation, to an airline audience who were inexperienced in evaluating and buying technology. Connected Air was developed to demonstrate innovative applications of the product in a way the audience would understand and relate to – and this would support the sales process.

Connected Air

Inmarsat Aviation’s challenge was to inspire and educate inexperienced buyers. Decision-makers struggled with jargon and wanted to understand real benefits. They saw connectivity as a utility purchase, and couldn’t see its potential to drive innovation and value creation.  

At APEX and AIX we created an immersive exhibit, Connected Air, which invited visitors to ‘Take a flight into the near future’ on our virtual airline. Closed off and invitation-only, it generated huge curiosity and attention.  

The installation space was built with dramatic lighting design, making the experience feel futuristic and innovative. 12 illuminated aircraft window shapes each held a white 3D printed object as an intriguing symbol of the use case benefit, creating a ‘journey’ around the space as visitors went from window to window. Each 3D printed object was a trigger for an AR experience video, demonstrating our thought leadership.

The Connected Air experience attracted its own press coverage at APEX and AIX. “A remarkable immersive experience,” tweeted one key influencer. The stir and excitement caused all Connected Air customer visitor slots to become fully booked within hours.

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