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The campaign brought new shoppers into the total table sauces category within 12 weeks from campaign launch. Most importantly our campaign saw Hellman’s achieve growth, in a category which would otherwise remain static.

Facing category stagnation, our challenge was to transform Hellmann’s from a mayonnaise-centric brand to a food brand, responding to the changing needs and desires of a millennial audience. Capitalising on two huge food trends; spicy sauces and barbecue sauces, the new Hellmann’s range would allow us to do just this.

Through proprietary research we discovered that millennials used food as the ultimate social status. We also knew that barbecuing was right up their alley and was increasingly becoming more male dominated.

There was a huge untapped market for the brand: millennial men. Our audience was after social currency: a way of impressing their mates by demonstrating their masculine barbecuing skills and serving up mouth-watering gourmet dishes inspired by the world.

So Grilltopia was born – an online series in which YouTube legend DJ BBQ, travelled the world and proved to doubters that Hellmman’s and barbecues go together like fire and food. Hubbed on Youtube (69% of millennial men watch branded food content on the platform) our webisodes were entertaining, food-not-product-first and posted during opportune times i.e. before sunny weekends.

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