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Passion Distribution

Project Summary

We were asked to create a new corporate identity to develop, extend and strengthen the Passion Distribution brand. To keep part of their current identity, they wanted to continue to use bright pink but to add another secondary colour and also a logo mark.


We started by exploring different marks, looking at the idea of using a P and a D together and also curves and circles in keeping with their branding history.

The ideas were whittled down to 3 favourites which explored and developed further to create 3 strong black and white idents.

The favourite mark was chosen due to it’s subtle use of P and D, as well as the feeling of two entities coming together and ‘dancing’ around each other.

The mark was then given colour, gradient, opacity and life. The change in tones helped to create a sense of movement and light.

Finally the logo type was added. The playful and attention demanding upper-case
Frutiger-bold font was chosen. In bright Magenta, we felt this encapsulated the
boldness and character of the brand.

The client was very happy with the final product which was used throughout their website, buildings, collateral and trade-show stand.

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