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Core disciplines: Brand strategy, Branding / design, Digital

Development of branding, visual identity and packaging for mens luxury goods label Bamford Grooming Department. Applications have included print media, digital media, exhibition design and packaging design.

Who they are

Bamford Grooming Department  is a creative collaboration between Carole Bamford and her son George, combining their shared love of natural products and cutting edge design. Focusing on luxury, essential daily grooming products, created from natural, holistic ingredients and materials.


The challenge for this project has always been to convey the message of Contemporary British Luxury to a broad and international target market. It has also been nesseacry to work with a wide variety of the Bamford team and provide services for many different stakeholders at different levels. Achivieing continuity has been paramount, something which we feel is evidenced by the work we have produced for the client that fits seamlessly into the Bamford Way of Life brand environment.

2D Sketches for Bamford Grooming Department Packaging Concepts

3D Sketches for Bamford Grooming Department Packaging Concepts

Final packaging

What we did

We have worked with Bamford's brand consultancy Boston Studio on the initial branding concepts for logo design and look and feel for the range. These included the logo lockup the typography style in keeping with Bamford brand guidelines and a set of colours and material samples for the packaging of the products. Once the branding was finalised we moved on to execution of the final products and applications.


It was important for this range that the packaging conveyed a sense of luxury reflective of the quality of the craftmanship and the price point of the product. It was also important that any branding reflected the intrinsic nature of producing set of grooming products aimed specifically at men. The brief was to ensure that the range conveyed a sense technicality, without loosing their authentic and natural essemnce. The products themself are created in a highly technical way and special care is given to ensure that each element of the range achieves what it is made for. We achieved this through the use of negative space, colour and materials.

Environments and 3D Design 

As part of the launch of the product we were asked to help design some pedstals to display the products, we worked with the client to refine designs for these VM stands that were in keeping with the refined and techincal nature of the brand. 

Exhibition design and display stands

Bamford Grooming Department launch night

Desktop verson Bamford Grooming Department Website

Mobile version of the Bamford Grooming Department Website

Website & Digital

Along with the branding we were also asked to develop and design a microsite for the full range of products. This website was responive and had to work on both mobile and desktop computers. The website housed video, products, a location finder and an in depth news area.

Bamford Grooming Department product launch


Bamford grooming departments products have been launched to market on and showcased at a VIP opening. The sales of the products has grown year on year and the brand essence of the range has been preserved and ehanced through our work on branding, pacakging, VM and digital design.

“A range of cosmetics with an identity: masculine not just in its aesthetics, but in its very raison d’être.”

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