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The challenges

Despite having world-class content and an online presence loved by teenagers and young men, Guinness World Records was finding it challenging to monetise their brand on social media, as they were not engaging effectively with the audience most likely to purchase their annuals; an important stream of revenue for the brand.

Having never invested significantly in social media e-commerce, the brand tasked Four with making their content more relevant to the gift-buying audience, linking it through to their sales channels with key retailers, including Amazon, ahead of Christmas. In addition to generating awareness of the Guinness World Records annual, Four was also tasked with identifying and reaching the niche ‘Gamers’ audience most likely to buy the Gamers’ Annual, moving the content on from being a source of entertainment to driving sales of books.

The solutions

Using our proprietary insights methodology, Mapper360TM, we identified high value audiences for Guinness World Records: the parents of young children who enjoy engaging with content that is both fun and educational, with a particular focus on STEM subjects. In addition, we identified the parents and family of ‘reluctant readers’ who are more likely to engage with annuals than copy heavy books. The theme of the 2016 annual was ‘Exploring Space’; we therefore based our segmentation on UK followers of The Science Museum, analysing multiple psychographic factors ranging from bio keywords to mutual followed accounts to the most commonly used hashtags.

We identified three high value key tribes and created detailed personas for each: UK Parents, Science Enthusiasts and School Teachers. Our Engage360 team used these personas to create relevant content that would target these tribes directly and appropriately: space-themed content visible to them at the times of day and week when they were most likely to be active online- a method we also used to identify and target the niche ‘Gamers’ audience. We then applied this strategy via Smart targeting of paid social and search around gift-buying moments across four social channels, using seasonal, promotional and topical copy to generate attention from gift-buying audiences.
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