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Paym: The UK’s mobile payments solution

Mobile payments provider, Paym appointed Four in 2016 with a brief to increase awareness of Paym’s service and boost its usage. Four supported Paym in a number of areas including visual content creation, digital and graphic design, PR and experiential, media planning & buying, biddable and organic social media activity and website and SEM support.

The challenges

A number of factors were limiting the uptake of Paym and the use of mobile payment systems in general including concerns about ease-of-use and security.

Our challenge was to emphasise to potential users how Paym would make their lives easier in terms of lending or owing money – and was as safe as any other money transfer method.

Through consumer research and TGI analysis we gained an understanding into payment scenarios and where using Paym would prove most useful. We then developed specific campaigns around them that used the breadth of expertise within Four.

The solutions

Our work focused on targeting two key audiences – friendship groups and flatsharers. We demonstrated Paym’s functionality to these groups through the creation of a character, “Jack”.

We scripted, storyboarded and produced a video featuring Jack around the premise of buying gig tickets with friends. The subsequent #DontbeJack digital campaign focused on gaining as many video views as possible to boost brand awareness and understanding of Paym’s functionality
Our digital media team targeted those on social media who had engaged with or shown an interest in music festivals and ticket sites – ensuring the messaging would have an affinity with the audience.

A media partnership with Live Nation allowed us to disrupt payment scenarios by featuring both Jack and Paym branded ads in banners on marquee events on the Live Nation website.

Another campaign video featuring the character Jack and his flatmates was produced and launched on social, targeting flat sharers and students. Through Jack, the Paym brand now has ownership of a re-usable concept.
We also created “how-to” and situational videos, as well as used digital platforms to launch Paym’s first ever consumer-facing engagement – the Change Challenge competition.

We delivered a wide-range of engaging social assets from simple animations to support PR campaigns, to a festive-themed quiz.
“All the hard work and diligence has been appreciated by all, but probably more so by me - your professionalism, collaborative approach and good humour have made some of the bad times good, and some of the good times great!”
Neil Aitken, Paym

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