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T H E   C H A L L E N G E

To create a brand experience strategy to encourage the on-trade to reappraise Britvic Mixers, trial a new formula liquid and stimulate an emotional engagement with the brand.



T H E   A P P R O A C H

We drew inspiration from Britvic Mixers’ history as a supplier of vitamins and juices to the community, a heritage which formed the foundation for our ‘Lifting Spirits’ campaign. We wanted to bring the role of the Great British pub and Britvic’s longstanding relationship with the on-trade to the forefront of the campaign, using ‘the local’ as a way to ‘lift spirits’ in communities around the country.



T H E   W O N D E R

Alongside photography of the new packaging, and a brand website, we launched the campaign with two activations to support the Lifting Spirits message in the on-trade: The Britvic Lifting Spirits Foundation and The Britvic Great Service Awards. The Britvic Lifting Spirits Foundation gives pubs the chance to raise money for local charities through a product purchase mechanic, while The Britvic Great Service Awards recognise and reward ‘service with a smile’ at the heart of communities.




The Lifting Spirits campaign launched successfully at London Cocktail Week 2016, generating great PR and consumer engagement.

The Britvic Great Service Awards are launching at the National Pub & Bar Awards 2017 and will be featured in Pub & Bar magazine editorials from May 2017.


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