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There are few brands that conjure an image of Americana quite like Budweiser. And Summer 2016 was the most American Summer ever: the build-up to a Presidential Election, human achievement re-defined at the Olympics in Rio, the U.S. National Soccer Team winning the hearts of the nation at the Copa America Centennial. It was a time when the U.S. national identity was debated, re-evaluated and celebrated.

Creative idea
The AmeriCan packaging was ultimately about making an impossible-to-ignore statement about Budweiser and about America: Budweiser is America. America is Budweiser. What better way to commemorate the ‘most American Summer ever’ than to literally hold America in your hand?

Creative expression
Replacing Budweiser’s brand name on the primary packaging with America was a bold statement. But the packaging didn't stop there. Throughout the can’s design, Budweiser changed its dress to signal an unwavering ode to the country. From ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ lyrics encircling the creed to the ‘Indivisible Since1776’ - the born on date of the land - adorning the label, every detail was updated to stir American pride. Following the packaging’s launch, Budweiser became the focus of 2,600+ unique stories in the media resulting in 1.6 billion total earned impressions worldwide (more impressions than its previous two Super Bowl 50 TV spots COMBINED).

America is in your hands. This Bud’s For You.

Budweiser America Summer 2016 from jkr on Vimeo.
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