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Keeping it clean


How to convince more people to go green?

The Big Clean Switch is a campaign encouraging and helping people to change to a renewable energy provider. They approached us looking for a dynamic campaign that would persuade more people to sign up.


We quickly learned that while clean energy got a thumbs-up from people, green finger-wagging was a complete turn-off. That’s why we focussed on championing the idea of green energy as clean energy. This isn’t about becoming an eco warrior; it’s simply being houseproud.


We developed a social media content strategy with Facebook carousels at its heart. This enabled the largest exposure within a modest budget. It also enabled us to target various demographics with different kinds of household photography.

Our campaign presented two identical and aspirational household photographs with the captions “This house is clean” and “This house is dirty”, tapping into online trends for house porn. We wanted to alter perception: however a house looked, a pristine home wasn’t really pristine if it ran on non-renewables.

This campaign was part of a digital and social strategy of Facebook videos and carousel units, delivering a bold message that would challenge perceptions around green energy in the home.

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