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How can you possibly go all night

and glow all day?




How's this for one hell of a heady mix?

DJ Becky Tong, who plays to the crowd into the early hours, and her secret weapon, Vichy’s Idéalia peel. A eureka moment led to the use of Becky’s perfect medium, the tactile and evocative record sleeve. We shot and designed some inspirational Becky illustrations that told her story, from the Midnight Set to Before Bed – when she puts on

Idéalia, ensuring her skin glows for the whole of the next day. Fans of Becky, her music and her lifestyle, owned them, shared them, and absolutely loved them. Idéalia created an authentic following of fans who never want to hide, and always want to glow.





Direct Response

Over two weeks, we helped drive an incremental 17 million footfall in key Boots partner locations.


Cultural Response

Instagram was abuzz with album covers, Becky shout-outs and much, much love for the product.

Micro influencers shared snaps of themselves using Idéalia.

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