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It can be absolutely awful or absolutely awesome right?




Well that's the way a kid sees it, that's for sure.

Kids cottoned on quick, following Beano in all its madcap 21st century form, passing judgement on the world willy-nilly. Brilliant or bad.

Naturally, only the best, most incredible, utterly So Beano lives on

Using So Beano, No Beano as our creative idea, we produced crazy content that reflected and most importantly, got kids talking.

So Beano, No Beano is lingo that lingers long after the ad plays.

It also helps the Beano product team structure their site. In fact they fundamentally changed the UX of it to embrace the idea. Bonus!




Direct Response

Beano brand awareness increased from 50-65%. That’s 15 meaty percentage points. We recruited an army of fans to the new Beano digital feed. Plus, we got free – yes, free! – airtime from Sky 1 to show our idents long after the air date, simply because they were so loved.


Cultural Response

We launched a new language that talked to the binary mindset of little ones. Because things are quite SIMPLY #SoBeano or #NoBeano. And at Beano Towers, the folk have a way of managing their mountains of material.

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