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An alien needs to broadcast its imminent arrival?

TV advertising's the only way, surely.


When aliens invade Earth, it makes sense the leader would use the one medium to capture the nation’s attention – TV. The world comes to a standstill as the broadcast system is infiltrated. And as one alien enthusiast seeks out the landing spot, a surprising reveal demonstrates that even the smallest advertisers can use a mighty medium to get their message across effectively.

This homage to alien invasion science-fiction, with a British twist, sees this brilliantly funny and epic tale shifted from the Hollywood blockbusters that we are so used to seeing and set across the length of Britain. Mixing warmth and humour in this tongue-in-cheek take on a classic genre, Thinkbox encourages the audience to think outside the box and ‘discover the power of TV advertising’.





Snippets of the ad ata Snippets of the ad started to cut through.. other ads on Boxing Day. Literally... Dropping their turkey sandwiches, bemused.. yet beguiled followers questioned what.. was going on.

Oola, oola, what?? 




Direct Response

Neuroscience research received no recommendations to optimise the ad further. That’s pretty unheard of! 


Cultural Response

Featured in February’s Adwatch as 2nd most likeable ad Nov-Jan, beating all Christmas ads - tough competition.

People’s intrigue over the alien has been pricked and they await for more. Do they coo over him or run from him? 


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