Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Branding / design, Digital


What originally started out as a brief to review the company's website quickly turned into a review of the customer journey and a refinement of SPF's position in the market vis-a-vis the whole range of services offered.

Our approach

Working very closely with the senior team at SPF, we engaged in a series of discovery workshops to map out the life-cycle of the customer. We also explored ways of enhancing every touchpoint of the brand in a way that enriches and builds long-term customer relashionshps. A full User Experience exercise was then conducted to drive the relationship online, and the brand identity was refreshed to work more efficiently on digital platforms.

Client testimonial

"BRND WGN stood out from the start as they grasped our Brand positioning, identity and audience very quickly. As outsiders looking in on our business they understood what we are about very early on. We are very impressed with the work they have done so far for us."

PR & Marketing Manager,
SPF Private Clients


Services used

Insight and brand strategy
Digital strategy
Brand Identity
UX / UI Design
Digital Development


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