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Pregnacare " Vitabiotics" from Xavi Amorós on Vimeo.

The Challenge

Previous advertising for Pregnacare had been led by rational facts and scientific proof points designed to convey the efficacy of the products. Challenging this approach we felt that the brand needed a more emotional focus to build the brand love over time. A well-loved brand was crucial for driving loyalty pre, during and post pregnancy and for establishing longer term loyalty for the 2nd and 3rd pregnancy.


Our Approach

From our research we knew just how stressful our mums could find their pregnancies, especially with the huge amount of contrasting information available. The potential for making the wrong choices for their child was overwhelming.

What our mums actually needed was help and guidance from a respected and trusted source and the fact that the Pregnacare range was ‘most recommended’ by midwives allowed the brand to be positioned as a clear bastion of trust in a sea of stress and confusion.

The campaign idea – ‘with you every step of the way’ perfectly demonstrates Pregnacare’s role whilst also leading to a wider, emotionally led brand purpose too.



Crucially the brand was voted ‘most trusted by mums’.

New customers discovered the brand, growing Pregnacare’s share by 13% up to a huge 87% of the market.

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