Davison Williams

Core disciplines: Branding / design, Integrated marketing



The Benevolent, the charity that provides help and support to current and former employees
of the drinks industry, wanted to raise their profile and encourage individuals to seek help,
regardless of their personal circumstances.




Following a three-way credentials pitch, we were delighted to be chosen
to develop the new campaign.

Our extensive drinks industry experience, coupled with a proven ability to think
creatively around modest budgets, meant we were perfectly placed to help.

Our creative solution focuses on a bold typographic approach with tailored headlines
to appeal to different types of employees within the drinks trade.

Messages such as “When life throws a cocktail of problems at you…” and
“When things aren’t looking so rosé…”,  demonstrate how to approach difficult issues
with care and compassion but with a touch of levity too.

The creative campaign, which launched in November 2017, is a complete departure
from anything The Benevolent has done in the past and has been well received
by the industry as a whole.

Communications include digital advertising, posters and support literature.



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