Integer London

Core disciplines: Brand Activation, Shopper Marketing




Growing a business, while keeping the cache
and coolness of a small independent brewery



Key results

Strong distribution growth across the whole portfolio. Doom Bar maintained the number one beer in cask and became the leader in bottle beer.




Sharp’s were great at brewing and selling beer. But people were only really buying one of the exceptional beers they brewed, Doom Bar.


We helped them define the brand of the brewery and bring it to life in a way that didn’t just tell the story, but involved drinkers in it. Connecting with them when they were being social, either in bars and at events or on their social media channels.



Our campaign, ‘There’s an Adventure Brewing’, embodied the brewery’s desire to focus on what’s next, a rallying cry to bring out the adventure in every drinker, whether that’s rowing the Doom Bar or trying a new beer.


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