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Malmaison - creating a seductive site

Malmaison is one of the most stylish boutique hotels in the UK. But its site didn’t reflect this, so online hotel and restaurant bookings were low. The website needed a complete overhaul. They wanted something unconventional, daring and easy to use for their growing mobile audience. So we injected their bold personality into a provocative new design that was unlike anything else in the hotel industry.

Site creates over £5m in the first 120 days of launching

In just over five months, the new and improved site attracted 1.25 million visitors – an average of 10,500 per day. And people just weren’t looking, they were booking. Almost 27,500 rooms were booked during this time, creating £5.25 million in revenue.

Dare to be different

The hotel industry is drowning in uninspiring, offer-driven sites that push deals rather than amazing experiences. Malmaison’s ‘Dare to be Different’ mandate was all we needed to rip up the hotel web design rule book. Idea-packed creative brainstorms and brand workshops helped shape the design and look-and-feel of the site. Conversational copy coupled with eye-popping, full-screen photography was exactly what people needed to be swayed to book. And to accommodate the growing number of visitors using mobile, we adopted a ‘mobile-first’ approach, making the site easy to view and use from a desktop or mobile device.

A simplified site that customers can relate to

Traditional hotel web-design emphasises competitive pricing but fails to connect with people’s desire to treat themselves. In fashion, we knew people chose brands to represent who they are. We thought this could work for hotels too. So we transformed Malmaison into a bold fashion statement people could relate to. We cut out the clutter, simplified navigation and made booking easy. Clear but chatty brand messaging and high-quality lifestyle shots replaced the typical overbearing price promos. People loved it. Bounce rates dropped and conversion soared.

Mobile revenue 75% above the industry average

Drawing on our creative and technical expertise, we pushed boundaries to create a unique website that was daring but didn’t alienate potential customers. Breaking from the norm to take design and content chances paid off. The outcome is an inspirational site customers love using on desktop and mobile. In fact, 41% of visits and 28% of revenue has come from mobile or tablet devices since the site launched. That’s a massive 75% above the industry average.

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