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Affordable Automatics for all

When it comes to our own business we like to put our money where our mouth is. It’s why we invested our own capital into Farer to create a new type of watch company to challenge the global, established Swiss brands. 

18 months in the making, we launched Farer in November 2015 with the simple aim to make affordable automatic watches for all. Inspired by the halcyon era of Swiss watchmaking, when bold colours and contrasting textures were combined with the best craftsmanship. We design every detail in our London studio, before working with our Swiss engineering partners to handcraft each and every watch. To date, Farer has delivered watches to over 30 countries across the world. Among a host of press coverage, Farer have featured in The Telegraph Business, GQ, Esquire, Worn & Wound, Hodinkee and Monocle 24 Radio Entrepreneurs Show. Today, Farer is growing rapidly with over 50% of direct sales from going to the US.

“If you're not already familiar with Britain-based watch maker Farer, you should be.”

- Hodinkee



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Farer E-Type London to Switzerland from Farer on Vimeo.
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