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The revolution will be chik'n fried

It’s safe to say the British people have something of a love affair with fried chicken. But the standard of food has become incredibly low. To be truly disruptive today, young people demand the best brands play a responsible role in making their worlds a better place to live.

Chik’n is devoted to changing fried Chicken for the good by sourcing the best free range, organic, corn-fed, British Chicken and frying it in British rapeseed oil, which has nearly zero Trans Fats and ten times more Omega 3 than olive oil. Food waste is turned into fertilizer within the restaurant and the used oil is converted to bio diesel that goes back to the farm where the chickens come from.

We created a whole brand world for Chik’n to play in, a gang that everyone can join to revolutionise the fried chicken market. The concept is inspired by founders Carl Clarke and David Wolanski's punk rock roots and embodies the true spirit of a challenger brand. The branding and interior design references that anti-establishment world in a bold, honest and playful way. A whole series of artworks were also created to be updated regularly and flyposted in the restaurant as well as translated on to the website and across social.


“We wanted to make a statement with this venture. Otherway understood where we wanted to go with the brand from day one. They sparked next level strategic and creative thinking as well as helped bring it to life with some fast-paced practical execution.”

Co-Founder, Chik'n



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